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Milton W. Richardson

The rest of this presidency will only be judged on achievement of improving the status of the working class. The poor live with suffering and until the working class have a country that has a respect for work only the rich have a way to prosperity and betterment. The white ,black,brown,red ,yellow workers have no avenue for advancement. These are the people who elected the president.Workers and those who wish to have a country of the people and for the people Maybe we will have a democrat in 2016 who will have the focus and seriousness to do the peoples bidding. Any man can remember his promises and keep them this is not a race issue.

A disappointed black man

Brother Giovanni

Thank you for your very thoughtful comment. I am not sure we can know at this time how President Obama's legacy will be determined. He has many initiatives from foreign to domestic in progress. They all need time before we can render a final verdict. Brother Giovanni

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